Low-E Energy Efficient Windows – Warm Edge Spacer

Window World’s innovative Intercept™ Warm Edge Spacer System features a unique, one-piece metal alloy, U-channel design which creates a protective and insulating thermal barrier to help reduce conducted heat and radiant heat transmittance through the window. The vacuum sealed, single-piece design makes Intercept™ spacers stronger and better at retaining insulating argon gas than many conventional design alternatives.

Under typical weather and climate situations, insulated glass panes and frames expand and contract due to the pressure and heat differences associated with outdoor temperature changes. In traditional insulating glass window units, the sealant takes the stress of this constant flexing. This stress can cause seal failure, ultimately resulting in insulating gas leaks. A leak in insulating gas causes reduced energy efficiency, and eventually the window unit will lose all energy efficiency characteristics.

In an Intercept™ Warm Edge Spacer System unit, the spacer flexes instead of the sealant, so it resists spacer movement and premature sealant failure. This lengthens the lifetime of the energy efficient window unit exponentially, eliminating the need for future sealant or spacer replacements.

The Intercept™ spacer system is extremely energy efficient; it even keeps the edges of the glass warmer, so your home feels more comfortable in the winter. Conversely, the spacer also acts to keep cool air in during the warm winter months, minimizing the time you will need to run the air conditioner during high temperatures.

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