Low-E Energy Efficient Windows Columbus

Energy Efficient Low-E windows represent the latest technology in energy saving home improvement products and technology. Low-emittance (Low-E) coatings are extremely thin layers of metal, metal alloy, or metallic oxide covering the surface of the glass of a replacement window. These microscopic layers aid energy efficiency through a variety of means, including:

  • Blocking heat/light/energy transmittance between sides of the coated glass
  • Reflecting & blocking radiant heat transfer, preventing the air within your home from escaping, & the air outside from seeping in
  • Minimizing solar heat gain transmittance between sides of the window glass
  • Performing as exceptional insulation assistants in both warm & cool months

That is why the exclusive Window World SolarZone™ Glass Packages rely on the many energy performance characteristics of Low-E Glass. Although the climate is mostly warm in the Columbus areas, Low-E windows are designed to withstand both extremely high and extremely low temperatures, while preventing your home from losing excess cool/warm air to the outside extremes. The Low-E Solar Heat Transmittance value is just one of many ratings that Energy Star takes into consideration when rating and labeling replacement windows.

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